Archives of Kosta St. Pavlović


Kosta St. Pavlović /born 1905 in Belgrade, died 1988 in Southampton, England/, a lawyer and a diplomat. Since 1928 worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and held offices in Belgrade, Brussels and Bucharest. Since 1941 he served as the chief of staff in the Cabinets of presidents of the Yugoslav Government in exile Dušan Simović, Slobodan Jovanović and Miloš Trifunović until September 1943 when he left to Cairo and took office in the Yugoslav Embassy in London. When Josip Broz Tito and Ivan Šubašić, reached the agreement to form an interim Government, Pavlović decided to stay in exile. After the Second World War he held many offices: secretary of the Yugoslav People’s Board, president of the Serbian Orthodox Church Community in London, one of the founders and a president of the Association of Serbian writers abroad, chief of library at the Cambridge University and a lecturer of Serbian language, literature and history.

Historical Archives of Belgrade has been taking in the legacy of Kosta St. Pavlović, his rchives, since 2005. The archives consist mostly of the documents relating to the activities of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Government in exile, Yugoslav Army in the Homeland 1941 to 1944. Part of the archives relates to the Hristić Family. In addition to documents one can consult a number of Serbian and Yugoslav emigration papers and magazines.


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